Hempcrete Block: Formula #5


A uniquely dense and strong hempcrete block. Much tougher than the typical, lightweight hempcrete block on the market today.  And unlike most others, this hempcrete block is proudly cast  and cured in the USA. Price reflects one hempcrete block sold individually as a sample.

Size: 5.5″ (D) x 7-5/8″ (H) x 15-5/8″ (L)

Nominal 8″ x 16″

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The Hempcrete Block Formula #5 – is it really the 5th formula?

Actually, no.

It took experimentation with more than 21 different formulas over the course of 3 years of research and development before perfecting this special hempcrete binder.

So why #5? Well, the number five is a key factor in the math behind the secret recipe.

The Hempcrete Block Formula #5 (HBF5) is engineered to be denser and tougher than your typical hempcrete block. It still insulates while offering much more thermal mass and compressive strength. The HBF5 is made with builder’s grade hemp hurd and a proprietary lime, rock and mineral binder, creating an exceptionally strong hempcrete block. Basically, as it cures it forms into “hemp stone.”

You feel the difference when you pick it up!

Bulk pricing available. Contact Hemp and Block LLC for more information.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 5.5 × 8 in


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