Hempcrete Bakery Build – Part 2

The Hempcrete Bakery Build! Follow along with Derek, Founder and CEO of Hemp and Block LLC, as we work on another exciting hemp building project. This may be another “World’s First!” that we are proud to share. Located in Colorado, this old, run-down shop is being renovated into a hempcrete bakery!

Part 1 was filmed early May and this update is from mid-June. I discuss cure times, what does fresh hempcrete smell like, finishing of hempcrete walls, pros and cons of pre-cast vs cast-in-place, benefits of placing hempcrete walls against summer sun, temperature differences after casting hemp-lime walls, and more!

Using a variety of cast-in-place methods, including tamping and spray (shotcrete) applications, the space will be retrofitted with hempcrete (hemp-lime) for major performance upgrades. Benefits of using hempcrete for walls, floors and ceilings:

  • long term durability and strength
  • great insulation and thermal mass, reducing cooling and heating costs -resistance to bugs, fire, mold and pests
  • walls that absorb and damper sound
  • walls that “breathe” (vapor permeable but water-tight), helping to manage humidity, air quality and comfort
  • a natural alternative to conventional, toxic construction materials
  • a sustainable healthy home or building that is carbon friendly; carbon sequestering even, as hemp pulls in CO2 during its growth cycle and hempcrete draws in even more CO2 from the air as it cures and hardens

For this build, we are using our proprietary hempcrete binder and processed American hemp hurd. Our hempcrete binder is proudly 100% Made in USA with domestically sourced ingredients. It can be used for mixing hempcrete, as a plaster or render, or a mortar, depending on mix design.

For example, a mix ratio for mortar by volume: 1 part binder, 2 parts clean sharp sand, just enough water to make a stiff mortar…

And for the hempcrete mix ratio, on this build for walls we did 1.5 parts binder to 3 parts hemp hurd. 1:3 works real well for typical walls but in this bakery (fire risk!) the extra binder makes for an even denser and tougher wall. Still quite hempy. May use the lighter 1:3 mix on upper level of wall (9′ and above to the vaulted ceiling).

About Hemp and Block LLC: Proud to be Colorado’s First Hempcrete Block Company as of 2018. Nearly America’s first… but perhaps the longest running American producer of hemp blocks? We are working every day to get hemp building into the hearts and minds of more and more people.

Unlike most hemp blocks on the market, which are imported from overseas and burn up lots of fuel crossing the ocean, our hemp blocks are cast and cured in the USA. Also, our building materials such as our proprietary hempcrete binder is 100% made in USA. Did you know that most hempcrete/lime binders are imported, too? We also only use American grown hemp!

Hemp and Block LLC makes these choices to help support and create more jobs and businesses for Americans. Supporting local farms, economies and supply chains as best we can! Every hemp block we cast or for every hemp wall put up, we are putting dollars into pockets of our friends and neighbors throughout our region.

A little more about our operation… Our hemp building products are manufactured in a quality controlled environment with strict requirements for raw materials, production and curing. Consistent quality, assured.

Family owned and operated in the USA since 2018!

And eager to innovate… Colorado’s first hempcrete block company, creator of the World’s First hempcrete garden bench, coffee table, hemp pavers and more to come!

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