Hemp-lime products proudly cast and cured in the USA

Hempcrete Blocks

Hempcrete blocks on curing racks
Hempcrete blocks are cast in a quality controlled environment and cured under strict standards

The World’s First Hempcrete Pavers

A highly dense mix of hemp and exclusive lime binder creates hempcrete pavers that are strong, durable and wonderful to walk on – especially barefoot!

The World’s First Hempcrete Garden Benches

Hempcrete garden bench by the firepit
Hempcrete garden benches make a unique conversation piece and addition to your yard. Be first among your friends to get one of these handmade hempcrete garden benches.

Hemp Hurd for hempcrete, animal bedding and more

Hemp hurds / shiv are the inner, woody core of the hemp plant. Famously used to make hempcrete.

Hempcrete Binder

Made in USA Hempcrete Binder
Proprietary, Made in USA Hempcrete Binder – 50 lb. bags

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