Hemp Hurds – 33lb Bag


Processed and bagged hemp hurds for making hempcrete and other hemp-lime projects. The hurd is the woody, inner core of the hemp plant. Hemp hurds are high in silica and in the case of hempcrete, bond excellently with a lime-based binder to make breathable, sustainable walls, floors, ceiling insulation, hemp blocks and more.

Hemp hurds are also a wonderful and absorbent animal bedding for your horses, chickens or pets.

Hemp and Block only uses 100% Made in USA hemp hurd. Our commitment is to ensure it is farmed and processed in the USA so that you can proudly say “Made in USA” on your projects. And by using American hemp hurd, you are helping to support local economies and supply chains.

Each bag contains 33 lbs. of hemp hurd.

Note: due to demand, we have sold out of the plastic compressed bags but still have a large inventory of processed American hemp hurd available in supersacks. You may order the entire supersack or receive it repackaged into loose fill bags. The bags are the same style as our mortar/binder bags: sewn, open mouth paper bags with easy-open stitching.

We offer “better than retail” pricing when buying in bulk quantities, such as in supersacks (400-500 lbs+ each bag). There is less work involved and Hemp and Block will pass those savings onto you.

Bulk pricing for hemp hurd available – call for more details! 970-318-0479

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Weight 33.0 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 15 × 9 in


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