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Hempcrete Binder


Made in USA hempcrete binder. 100% free of Portland cement.

This hempcrete binder is designated for above-grade, non-structural construction, such as described in the Residential Building Code entry for hempcrete (hemp-lime).

Hempcrete binder is mixed with hemp hurd to make insulating hempcrete (hemp-lime) walls, floors, blocks, and more.

You can also mix this binder with sand to make mortar or plaster that is highly compatible with hempcrete. You can even make insulating “hempy mortar” to reduce cold-bridging in mortar joints.

And our hempcrete binder can also be used as a natural masonry paint, similar in concept to limewash or painting with cement. Just mix binder + water to desired consistency. It’s naturally antiseptic and can even be tinted/colored if desired!

Packaged in 50 lb., multi-wall paper bag with stitched closure and easy opening. Can be sold by the bag or pallet. Contact us for bulk orders!

Looking for something more hydraulic (even stronger and sets under water)? Contact us for more information on other binder options. Ask about the Volcano Binder! More than 50% of this unique mix is of volcanic origin. Its “set” is incredibly dense, strong and resistant to the elements. The Volcano Binder is great for projects such as garden benches, countertops, foundation slabs and walls, pavers and more! The Volcano Binder is meant for places and projects that hempcrete/hemp-lime is not!

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Our hemp blocks are made with our very own hempcrete binder, formulated with USA ingredients only. It is truly a Made in USA, lime-based binder, designed for performance and longevity. It took experimentation with more than 21 different formulas over the course of 3 years of research and development before perfecting this special hempcrete binder.

The Hemp and Block hempcrete binder is best described as a pozzolanic hydrated lime binder, totally free of Portland cement.

Made in USA Hempcrete Binder
Made in USA hempcrete binder.



Our hempcrete binder is formulated to achieve a low carbon footprint in its production and use. The less energy and resources required to produce this material, the more sustainable and energy efficient it becomes.

For example, in the production of hydrated lime, it’s fired at much lower temperatures than what is required for making Portland cement clinker. Therefore using more hydrated lime in construction and less Portland cement improves sustainability.

Next, consider the additional minerals or ash that can be added to hydrated lime to increase its strength and hydraulic effect. Fly ash, blast furnace slag, metal dust from ironworks, calcined (fired) clays, and volcanic based materials. Each of these has its own footprint (energy inputs required for production). Some may have inherent pollutants or exposure to elements that you’d prefer not to touch.

We favor using volcanic based materials when possible, as they are naturally calcined (activated) and do not require additional firing. These incredible materials were activated by the original volcanic explosion hundreds of thousands (or millions) of years ago!

This is a key part of why theĀ Hemp and Block hempcrete binder is truly a “low footprint” building material. It will maximize the sustainability of your hempcrete/hemp-lime projects, help qualify for LEED points/Green Energy certifications and more!

A special history

Our hempcrete binder and mix designs are based in part on the most magnificent, long-standing structures of human history. Notably, the Roman Pantheon, still standing proud after nearly 2,000 years. The Pantheon is a marvel of engineering, as the worlds largest unreinforced (e.g. no “steel rebar”) concrete dome, at 142 feet in diameter. And the foundation of Roman concrete, was the combination of volcanic ash pozzolan and powdered limestone.

The Roman Pantheon is a magnificent example of “masonry done right.”


Additionally, this hempcrete binder is compatible with historic masonry and conservation work. It’s “breathable” and flexible unlike mortars and plasters made with lots of Portland cement, which can be excessively hard, brittle and damage softer stonework/masonry.

Shipping options

The shopping cart is setup with FedEx Ground delivery for smaller orders, such as 1-5 bags. For larger orders, contact us for a free freight quote.

Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 6 in


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