Hempcrete Binder


Proprietary, Made in USA Hempcrete Binder. Can be mixed with hemp hurd to make hempcrete (hemp-lime) walls, floors, countertops, blocks and more.

For above-grade construction.

Comes in 50lb, multi-wall paper bag with stitched closure and easy opening.

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Our hempcrete blocks and other products are made with an exclusive hempcrete binder formulated with USA ingredients only. The proprietary blend of hydrated lime with carefully selected minerals and pozzolans is designed for performance and longevity. It took experimentation with more than 21 different formulas over the course of 3 years of research and development before perfecting this special hempcrete binder.

Made in USA Hempcrete Binder
Made in USA hempcrete binder.


These unique hempcrete mixes are based in part on the most magnificent, long-standing structures of human history. Notably, the Roman Pantheon, still standing proud after nearly 2,000 years. The Pantheon is a marvel of engineering, as the worlds largest unreinforced (e.g. no “steel rebar”) concrete dome, at 142 feet in diameter. And the foundation of Roman concrete, was the combination of volcanic ash pozzolan and powdered limestone.

The Roman Pantheon is a magnificent example of “masonry done right.”


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Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 6 in


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