The Hempcrete Block


Made-in-USA hemp blocks for new construction or retrofits and renovations. Using pre-cast blocks allows you to quickly build up hempcrete walls without the extended cure-time delays and increased labor that is common with other methods of installing hempcrete, such as tamp-in-place.

Hempcrete is a bio-composite, non-structural, insulation infill material made of hemp hurd fiber (the strong inner stalk) and a lime-based binder. The many benefits of hempcrete construction include energy efficiency, utility cost reduction, high thermal/insulation performance, low embodied energy and carbon emissions in production, carbon sequestration in use, fire and mold resistance, and healthy indoor air quality.

The line of hempcrete blocks manufactured by Hemp and Block are designed to meet or exceed all quality standards and expectations for use in hempcrete (hemp-lime) construction, as outlined in the 2024 International Residential Code Appendix BL for Hempcrete.


Use hempcrete insulation for new construction or energy efficient renovation projects on existing homes and buildings. For non-structural use in external and internal walls, floor and ceiling insulation and more. Creates a thermal building envelope for walls that “breathe” (are vapor permeable). Acts as substrate for applying a lime-based plaster or render wall finish. Replaces drywall, fiberglass insulation, sheathing, plastic wrap and more with a simple, natural, and beautiful form of sustainable masonry.

Product Characteristics

Hempcrete blocks are off-white/beige to gray in color and have a unique, choppy hemp texture. They are lightweight (12.5 – 25 lbs. / cubic foot) and strong enough to be self-supporting for building walls. Highly insulating, R-value of 2 for every inch depth of hempcrete (varies based on density). Installation is simple, using lime mortar (hempcrete binder + sand and/or hemp fiber) to lay blocks. Offered in U.S. building sizes such as 8x8x16” and 12x8x16” nominal (including mortar joint).

Composition and Sustainability Statement

For performance and sustainability, the Hemp and Block line of hempcrete blocks are made with only: hemp hurd, hydrated lime, natural volcanic pozzolan and American Cement. (Cement-free blends available by special request).

All raw materials are specifically sourced from within the USA to make truly low-footprint, Made-In-USA building products.

See product examples below…

Solid blocks:

Hempcrete blocks on curing racks
Hempcrete blocks are cast in a quality controlled environment and cured under strict standards
Freshly cast hemp blocks (12″x8″x16″) on curing racks in the Hemp and Block warehouse

Notched blocks to fit stud framing:

Notched/retrofit hemp blocks dry laid to verify fit
Block mortar made with hempcrete binder + masonry sand
Hemp Block with middle notch for fitting around stud framing
Notched hemp blocks designed for quick, easy installation around and within conventional stud framing.
Hemp blocks set and pressed or tapped onto mortar bed using torpedo level to verify level and plumb
9′ tall hempcrete wall built up quickly using precast hemp blocks

For more information and pricing, please visit our hemp block product page.