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Hempcrete Blocks


Made in USA hempcrete blocks for building homes and more. With pre-cast hemp blocks, you can bypass the extended cure times encountered when building with cast-in-place methods (4-6 weeks or longer!)

Hemp-lime blocks are simply laid onto a mortar bed, allowing for quick installation using tried-and-true building methods. This also means the project can be completed by masons, laborers, handymen or even the weekend DIY’er; you are not solely dependent on a specialist, hempcrete building team.

And if you are a professional hemp builder, you can still greatly benefit from the speed of hemp block installation. Imagine how much faster your projects could be completed without extended cure delays! Use these pre-cast, pre-cured, Made in USA hemp blocks to scale your business and complete more jobs, faster.

See full description below for more information on sizing, price and building with hemp blocks.

Product information sheet – The Hempcrete Block

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These 100% Made in USA hempcrete blocks are made with clean, graded, American hemp hurd and our proprietary hempcrete binder. We use a dedicated block making machine and our hemp blocks are cured in a temperature controlled environment. This is all done to provide consistent quality that you can count on.

Current sizing available for hemp blocks:

8″ (W) x 8″ (H) x 16″ (L) (Nominal)

12″ (W) x 8″ (H) x 16″ (L) (Nominal)

Hempcrete blocks and R-value/insulation numbers

The larger sized, 12″ hemp block allows for creating 12″ thick hempcrete walls. This gives even more insulative (R-value) benefit, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in winter!

With an R-Value of 2 for every inch of hempcrete wall, an 8″ wall provides at least R-16 and 12″ offers R-24.

Those values are based on using a conventional hempcrete mix that contains only binder and hemp hurd. Adding aggregate (stones/sand) makes stronger, denser blocks but trades out R-value in return.

Notched/Retrofit Hemp Blocks for stud/timber framing

In addition to making solid hempcrete blocks, we also make hemp blocks that are notched to fit within a conventional stud framing system. For example, within a 16″ on center stud framing pattern as shown in the product gallery images. These hemp blocks fill the stud cavity and leave a flush surface on one side and 3+ inches of hempcrete mass on the other; allowing for multiple finish options based on your designs and wishes. In the images shown, 8x8x16″ hemp blocks were cast to fit against 2×4 studs but could also be made to accommodate 2×6, 2×4 framing and more.

The notches are set at the sides (type 1) or middle (type 2) of each block. This 2 block system allows you to create a staggered mortar joint going up the wall by using type 1 on the first course, type 2 on second and alternating up the wall.

Our notched hemp blocks simplify and speed up the building process for both new construction and retrofits. You could give an outdated home a high-performance upgrade, adding beauty and sustainability, making a true hemp home, by using these notched hemp blocks. Tear out the old painted drywall, fiberglass insulation, plastic wrap (materials often imported, highly synthetic with toxic or off-gassing concerns) and plastic siding, exposing the studs, and replace with hemp blocks and a beautiful, breathable finish such as lime/clay plaster and render.

Current pricing for hemp blocks

8x8x16″ hemp block

Retail/Less than 1,000 blocks: $17.50

Bulk/1,000 blocks or more: $15.50

12x8x16″ hemp block

Retail/Less than 1,000 blocks: $24

Bulk/1,000 blocks or more: $21

Questions on building with hempcrete or hemp blocks? Want to talk about placing your volume order? 970-318-0479


Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 8 in


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