Made in USA Hempcrete, Hemp Blocks and More

So where do you guys get your hemp??

I write this article just days after exhibiting at a local Home Show Expo. I couldn’t have imagined a greater reception from our community! Some knew of hempcrete and were excited to see a Colorado company doing big things with it. Others hadn’t even heard of hempcrete before, let alone seen it or picked it up, and they were so happy to learn about it.

And in both cases, people were very interested to know where we source our hemp.

It makes me tremendously proud to say that our hemp is grown and processed right here on American soil. Above that, we source as close to home as possible.

As proud members of the US Hemp Building Association, we source hemp from within our Region #4 that includes Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

Why buy American hemp? Why is Made in USA for hemp blocks so important?

The industrial hemp industry has the potential to deliver high quality, sustainable products that are made in the USA. All those products will be made by Americans, supporting local economies. And the hemp should be grown and processed in the USA as well.

Made in USA is a big part of our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Hemp and Block proudly offers made in USA hempcrete, hemp blocks, pre-cast hemp-lime products, hempcrete binder and more.

To support the American economy and help grow US infrastructure, all raw materials including hemp, mineral binders and pozzolans, aggregate – all sourced from within the USA.

Rather than importing, say, hemp hurd from China and lime from Europe, which burns tons of fuel to cross the ocean… and syphons dollars from Americans… we are doing our part to make American hempcrete very sustainable and very rewarding to fellow Americans.

Since 2018, Hemp and Block LLC has been the hemp block company that’s actually made in USA! Our hempcrete and hemp blocks are cast and cured in beautiful Colorado, USA.

With those commitments, we can fulfill the legal definition of Made in USA, as regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. That also means when you build with our hemp blocks or hempcrete mixes, you can say “Made in USA” on your project as well!

And somewhere out there, an American hemp farmer gets the boost they need to continue forging ahead in this frontier. A processing facility gets the financial incentive they need to keep their machines running. All throughout that supply chain and distribution network, from farmer to end user, together we are making America more sustainable, healthier, happier and more prosperous.


Derek Wolf, Founder and CEO, Hemp and Block LLC

4 thoughts on “Made in USA Hempcrete, Hemp Blocks and More”

  1. Timothy Larney

    I’m guessing the dimensions are 12″w x 8″h x 16L but what is the typical price per block.
    Thank you

    1. Hemp and Block, LLC

      Hi Timothy, thanks for your interest.
      You are correct on the dimensions and I just updated the hemp block product page for clarity on that.

      Currently offering retail pricing (less than 1,000 blocks per order) and bulk (more than 1,000 blocks)
      8x8x16: retail $17.50 bulk: $15.50
      12x8x16: retail $24 bulk: $22

      Also we are experimenting with special promotional pricing that offers an even better price than bulk. Feel free to contact me directly at derek “at” for more info or any other questions.

      Have a great day

    1. Hemp and Block, LLC

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for your question. I do like the idea of hemp panels. This spring while expo’ing at a trade show, a builder found our booth and asked about panels such as 4’x8′. I think a pre-cast panel could really benefit someone who wants to focus on the install, and gain all the benefits of hempcrete, without having to deal with the mixing and tamping and extended cure times. A hempcrete “speedwall” system could be quick as well, just erect and fasten the panels.

      I’ve started experimenting with hempcrete panels since then and am definitely interested in manufacturing them at scale, treated as a custom order.


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