Converting hemp biomass into ash for hempcrete

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Exciting announcement! New product development: we are using spent hemp biomass from cbd extraction, converting to ash and working into hempcrete binder and other natural building materials!

In my meeting with the CO dept of Ag and Governors team, I declared plans to develop a FULL CIRCLE solution for the massive biomass waste stream from the extraction industry. One company told me they go through 20,000 lbs a week!! Imagine total tonnage state wide… 1,000+ tons a month? 20,000?

In these video clips you see me convert spent biomass to ash, then work it into a mix with our hempcrete binder (in the powder pic, ash is on left and binder on right)

My research suggests that in ash form, the mineral composition is quite reactive and beneficial to the mineral blends typical of hempcrete, cements, even concrete. Powerful synergy!
Highly regenerative hemp biomass ash can be used as a “cement replacement” in controlled amounts. Or as fine aggregate replacement. But imagine replacing 5% or 10% of cement production with hemp??

All of us stakeholders in the hemp building industry can regionally source this material and turn wasted hemp into HOMES! Save a tree 🌲

Let’s keep working every day to help keep this American hemp building industry sustainable, evergreen, innovative, and high performing

Derek Wolf, Founder and CEO, Hemp and Block LLC

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  1. We have 43 round bails of hemp stock plus a field full of stock yet to be cut and bundled.
    Are you interested in this stock located in Platteville, Colo

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