Hemp Bricks to Build a Better Future with Derek Wolf

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Hemp Bricks to Build a Better Future with Derek Wolf of Hemp and Block, LLC

Welcome to Hempaware Radio, where we explore the world of hemp innovation and entrepreneurship. In today’s episode, our host Tyler Hemp speaks with Derek Wolf, the co-founder of Hemp and Block, a company dedicated to producing hemp-based construction materials. Derek shares his journey and the inspiration behind creating hempcrete blocks, emphasizing the sustainability and health benefits of integrating hemp into construction.

They delve into the practical applications, limitations, and potential future of hempcrete, tackling misconceptions and the path to industry acceptance.

With insights into the manufacturing process, building regulations, and the vision for the future, this episode promises to inspire and educate on the transformative potential of hemp in the construction industry.

So, join us as we venture into the world of hemp and building with Derek Wolf on Hempaware Radio!

Guest Bio

Derek Wolf’s passion for construction and craftsmanship was ingrained in him from a young age, as he watched his father and grandfather work as tradesmen and craftsmen. His family’s immigrant background played a role in shaping his work ethic and passion for the industry. From a young age, Derek was drawn to the construction trade, often seen helping his father with various projects. This early exposure led to his development as a skilled and talented craftsman in the field of construction.

Primary Topic: Introduction to Hemp and Block

– Derek Wolf introduces Hemp and Block, a company creating hemp-based construction materials

– Focus on the production of hempcrete blocks in Colorado since 2018

– Derek’s background in construction and manufacturing leading to the creation of Hemp and Block

Sub-Topic: Benefits of Hempcrete Blocks

– Discussion on health, environmental, breathability, anti-mold properties, and acoustic benefits

– Adaptability to different builder preferences and convenience in cutting

Sub-Topic: Drawbacks of Conventional Construction Methods

– Use of non-breathable materials and toxic substances

– Sustainability and carbon footprint considerations

Primary Topic: Philosophical Perspective on Hemp and Life

– Derek shares a message of hope, belief, perseverance, and dedication

– Host Tyler expresses admiration for Derek and his motivational message

Primary Topic: Thickness and Use Cases of Hempcrete Blocks

– Manufacturing of 8 and 12-inch thick walls for insulation requirements

– Cost comparison and safety benefits

Primary Topic: Approval and Expansion of Hempcrete Applications

– Designation for 1 to 2 story buildings in residential building code

– Potential use in larger structures and commercial buildings by 2025

– Limitations and expectations when using hemp blocks in building projects

Primary Topic: Contact and Reachability

– Contact information for reaching out to Derek for inquiries

– Discussion about the best way to reach Hemp and Block

Primary Topic: Shifting to American Factories and Automation

– Development of precast hemp block with benefits in consistency, automation in production, and ease of use

– Addressing misconceptions about hempcrete and challenges related to building approvals


4 thoughts on “Hemp Bricks to Build a Better Future with Derek Wolf”

  1. I want to build with this material. I can be reached at [number removed by admin]. I’m looking at a property in Santa Rosa CA to build an ADU, then a larger house on the same property. Call me when you’re available. Thanks 🙏

    1. Hemp and Block, LLC

      Hi Roy, thanks so much for your interest! That project sounds very exciting. I will reach out to you at the number provided – Derek

  2. Barbe Chambliss

    Hello Derek,
    I am interested in building a one level small dwelling for me on my farm in Paonia. I’d like to build it out of hemp blocks. I’m also considering making a demonstration project out of the process for other builders to see how hemp bocks can be used for construction in the North Fork Valley.

    I will be in Montrose this weekend, Jan 26 and 27 for the soil conference. Would it be possible for me to come see you business one of those days?

    Barbe Chambliss, organic farmer
    [number removed by admin]

    1. Hemp and Block, LLC

      Hi Barbe! Thanks so much for your comment and sharing details about your project. That all sounds very exciting! Would love to hear more.
      Yes, you are very welcome to visit our factory, we enjoy the company! Friday works best but I’ll try to meet your travel plans as best I can.
      I’ll be back in the office tomorrow (Thursday) – will touch base at the number provided to schedule a time this Fri/Sat while you’re in town for the soil conference.

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